Associated VEGAN Ehtical Organisations. 

Hayfields have identified synergy between Vegan / Plant Based manufacture & those organisations including Cruelty Free, Sustainability, Organic, Palm oil, GMO free, and other Vegan support Agencies. 
Hayfields regularly review legal updates and trends in  
Vegan / Plant Based food industry allowing us to quickly identify those organisations that can meet sudden changes in market demands. 

The Vegetarian Society 

Purpose: - By displaying our vegetarian and vegan trademarks, not only are you reassuring your customers they can trust your products, but as a client of the Vegetarian Society Approved trademark scheme you also have the credibility of being permitted to display the most long-standing and well-established trademark of its type – and you have the peace of mind that you can be certain your products are suitable for your vegetarian or vegan target market. 

Coeliac UK 

Purpose: - If you’re making a claim including Plant Based Product your probably making a free from gluten claim - The Crossed Grain symbol gluten free product certification is nationally and internationally recognised by those who need to follow a gluten free diet as it is promoted by coeliac organisations worldwide. The symbol represents a sign of safety and integrity that is known and trusted by consumers. 
An independent charity with expertise in coeliac disease and the gluten free diet. 

Soil Association – Organic Certification  

Purpose: - The Soil Association Certification still provides that reassurance, The symbol is more than just a trade mark: it represents a set of standards that are developed to achieve our aims and embody our organic principles of ecology, fairness, care and health. 70% of organic food in the UK is certified by Soil Association Certification. 
We’re more than just an organic certification body. 
By certifying with us you are providing assurance to your customers that your products or enterprises are meeting some of the highest available organic standards. This ensures continued integrity of the food supply chain from farm to fork. 

Non GMO Verification 

Purpose: - Non-GMO Project is a mission-driven nonprofit organization offering a third-party non-GMO verification program to the standard consumers expect. We are the pioneer and established market leader for GMO avoidance. We have set the industry standard for non-GMO verification since the Butterfly first appeared on store shelves in 2010. 

Fair Trade 

Purpose: - Fairtrade is a global movement with a strong and active presence in the UK, represented by the Fairtrade Foundation. 
Fairtrade is a movement for change that works directly with businesses, consumers and campaigners to make trade deliver for farmers and workers. 
The international Fairtrade system (which the Fairtrade Foundation is a part of) represents the world's largest and most recognised fair trade system. We are a global organisation working to secure a better deal for farmers and workers. 

Sustainable Palm Oil 

Purpose: - A Global Standard For Sustainable Palm Oil 
To ensure the credibility of palm oil sustainability claims, all RSPO members that take legal ownership and produce or handle RSPO-certified sustainable oil palm products need to be RSPO certified. At the heart of this process are the RSPO Principles & Criteria. 

Food Law 

Purpose: - The site is maintained by Dr David Jukes. 
It seeks to provide easy access to sources of information on current food laws and its development. 
The main focus is on the UK and the EU although some additional information in international developments is also provided (especially issues linked to Codex and the WTO). 
It is hoped that it will also help those seeking to learn about and understand food law issues. Please note that it is maintained as time permits and updates may at times be delayed. 

Global Vegan News Magazine 

Purpose: - Global news from the world of vegan business. Vegconomist: Markets, Trends, Companies, Start-ups, Interviews and more. 
Interviews, Products & Launches, Companies & Portraits, Food & Beverage, Market & Trends, Trade, Fashion & Beauty, Agriculture, Environment, Science 
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