It is beneficial to use a consultant to allow your company freedom from the burden of resource sapping internal audits (See Internal audit & Factory Inspection training) 
“I use comprehensive documented templates for ALL the internal audits I conduct.”  
BENEFITS include - 
Acts as a robust method of making sure ALL best practice and BRCGS clause requirements are fully compliant as you update 
Confidence in your internal audit system when challenged by BRC auditor 
Acts as a guideline as you audit 
Speeds up process of internal auditing as you identify quickly what is required ONLY 
Each time you use the proforma it is refresher training which can be used to update audit team member training records 
By assisting your training it speeds up competency of your company’s internal auditors each systems audit proforma contains a list of questions or elements that the auditor needs to check. 



The training course provides BRCGS compliance and best practice 
It instructs you on each BRCGS subject you’re auditing, based on my 16 years actual BRCGS auditing experience with all the tips to make it more effective, which other courses don’t teach you 
During training you will use BRCGS designed internal audit report templates to conduct mock BRCGS subjects you’re auditing, which other courses don’t teach you 
The course teaches you the required knowledge that will enable you to challenge your system when you’re auditing, and it will also teach you the skills and tools that will create the very best standard of auditing which is superior to any alternative methods 


This course will train you about auditing requirements, how to manage your internal audit programme, write an audit report, understand when to raise non-conformance's and what is needed to close them out plus much more… 
You will learn how to carry out root cause analysis that helps you step-by-step, determine root causes analysis which is logical and can be applied to any level complexity of your non-conformance. 
You will also have the subject knowledge to audit your internal audit system, corrective and preventive actions system, senior management commitment, document control, training records and GMP 


Completing games and exercises throughout the course to test your knowledge and skills, with multiple-choice tests and a practical auditing test at the end of the course. 
The tests will require a 70% pass rate to gain a certificate of achievement to demonstrate each trainee is appropriately trained, competent to meet BRCGS Issue 8 requirements 


Module 1 – Introduction and course structure 
Module 2 – Internal audit requirements 
Module 3 – Corrective and preventive actions & root cause analysis 
Module 4 – Internal audit basics 
Module 5 – The aim of internal audits 
Module 6 – Audit skills and tools 
Module 7 – Best practice auditing 
Module 8 – Audit report writing 
Module 9 – Senior management commitment 
Module 10 – Summary 



To meet the Standard requirements for a programme of documented inspections to ensure that the factory environment and processing equipment are maintained in a suitable condition. 
Train you in the necessary skills and knowledge needed to effectively conduct factory inspections. 
Learn how these hygiene and fabrication-based inspections assess standards of cleaning, equipment, building fabrication and personal hygiene to ensure that high standards are maintained and that a safe, hygienic production environment is in place. 
Learn the effective management of handling schedules, findings, Corrective actions and review of Factory inspections. 


Use a separate scheduled programme specific to Factory inspections - (3.4.4) 
Ensure all areas of factory inspection are logically and systematically covered in the scope of factory inspections. 
Ensure frequency of factory inspections is correctly risk assessed 
Ensure Factory inspection report design meets good practice requirements 
Ensure effective Management of Non-conformance's identified during each inspection 
Provide you a Factory Inspections Report template to ensure consistent records are kept in line with good practices 
Training course exercises and quiz to teach you an awareness of factory environment non-conformance's using wide range of selected photographs illustrating real life examples of issues commonly experienced. 


Training methods include completing class open discussions throughout the course to assess your knowledge and skills. 
Extensive use of photographic examples of real life factory non-conformance's to assist trainee open discussion 
Conduct an end of course test, using multiple-choice questions 
The test will require a 70% pass rate to gain a certificate to demonstrate each trainee is appropriately trained, competent to meet BRCGS Issue 8 requirements 


Each learner will receive a documented course lesson guide book 
Training course hand book covering all slide contents 
Factory Inspection procedure that meets all BRCGS Issue 8 requirements and course content objectives 
GMP Factory Inspection scheduled Programme Record 
Factory inspection report template – Contains a blank report template to be completed by your companyAND an example report template with typical risk assessed questions that can be used to challenge the hygiene and factory environment standards during each factory inspection. 
Non-conformance decision tree table to assist in the decision making process of grading non-conformance's 
Corrective actions record also used to record root cause analysis 
Corrective action request tracker record – Can used to manage corrective actions and conduct trending of inspection results 
Training Certificate signed and dated as confirmation of successful completion against a competency assessment training course with pass mark 
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